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Old 05-05-2011, 07:22 AM
Sideline observer Sideline observer is offline
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Re: question for Bays Rivers district fans

I totally agree with all you have said. Most school coaches aren't even interested in your aspirations. If you are a player that is interested in going to college you won't get much/no help from your high school coach, hey you got to do it on your own. Like you say they are only interested in a couple of players/parents. And when you look back in a few years those players end of going nowhere, not even playing college ball. The kids that the coach didn't even ask "What are your aspirations? Would you like play ball in college", the players that get passed over for playing time because the parents/players stay in the coaches ear and they really control the team. They Daily Press does have its job cut out for them trying to keep up with the teams and determining 1st team etc. But sometimes they do see true talent.This person may get their picture in the paper but in BR district you have coaches that from the time that person is acknowledged they are going to do everything to discredit them, in one school I call it down right discrimination. And I am talking baseball/softball. Its all a smokescreen. A coach is trying to discredit a player and make him/her the scapegoat because his team makes 9 error in one game, and not just one game he/she needs to look a his record book. He/she is saying he wants to build up his defense when the players that are making the errors are still on the field not benched. The players with the least amount of errors are the ones sitting on the bench. Its a big joke and everybody can see whats going on but no one wants to talk about it. Like I said look back in a few years and see where these players are and then you 'll see who really has talent. "I guess some things" will never change"
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Old 05-13-2011, 07:05 AM
YorkLegend YorkLegend is offline
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Re: question for Bays Rivers district fans

I agree .... Travel ball is where the kids are noticed and if you talk to many of the HS coaches they don't have a clue how much time is spent training and practicing during the rest of the year. Without a doubt travelball is handing HS coaches (in most cases) well developed softball players! Of course, some travel ball teams aren't developing players the way others are but the girls are still on the field playing and their is no substitute like time playing games.
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Old 05-20-2011, 11:31 AM
athlete1 athlete1 is offline
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Re: question for Bays Rivers district fans

Totally agree..each team has someone a parent or assistant coaCH doing their books and what you might call an error they may not..and well hopefully most know when doing stats that BB or HP isn't an at bat but who really knows if any of the books are 100% accurate. Yes we do get more practices playing travel ball but more and more there are sooo many teams and organizations that have started and its sooo watered down that even me playing travel ball doens't mean Im better. I mean the people coaching travel teams are volunteering their time which you have to appreciate but their mostly parents and most are learning themselves. They say you don't necessarily make a good coach if you played but Im sorry thats a cop out for people who haven't played at the highest level that says just becuase you have played doesn't mean your a good coach.
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